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This is my 1987 Honda TRX 250R

I bought this bike in boxes and have completely rebuilt the entire bike from the ground up over the course of two years. The frame was first coated with almost chrome powder with a top coat of translucent blue. Swing arm, A-arms, shifter, brake lever, steering stem and motor mounts were all covered in almost chrome powder and finished with super gloss clear. The hubs, like the frame, were first coated with almost chrome but topped with translucent red. The engine, foot pegs, and brake calipers were all done with wrinkle black powder. The engine was completely stripped down and every bearing, seal, and gasket was replaced. CT True 250 jug with a Pro X Piston and high compression cool head replaced the stocker along with V-Force 3 Reeds and a Stage IV pipe. Other items include PVL ignition, 39 mm carb, Stainless steel brake lines, Hinson clutch basket Eddie Sander's Air Box Eliminator and K&N filter, Helm's bushings, Excalibur axle, RAD bearing carrier, anti fade locking nut and 450r front shocks. I also had the original lower A-arms cut and machined to allow the use of 16mm replaceable ball joints. Click on the thumbs below for a better look.

Update! 7-15-09

With all of the modifications and add-ons, the bike ran well but didn't have the hard hitting Power Band I was looking for. Translation, reasonably fast but it could be faster. I started by looking around on the ATV Riders Forum and met Neil from C-Leigh Racing Team. Super nice guy and is certainly willing to help. We spoke of cc's, compression, pipes and octane and then I boxed up the CT jug with CT porting and sent it out to Neil. The jug now looks like a skeleton of the original CT Jug. The CT port work was nothing compared to Neil's work. It was impressive to say the least. Nice work Neil. I wasn't impressed with the Stage IV pipe and with this new port work I wanted to look for a large diameter pipe. Enter FTZ Racing. I got to tell you, this pipe is huge and seems to rev for ever but I'm really disappointed with FTZ Racing. It's like pulling teeth to get anything from these guys and when I finally got the mid pipe it didn't fit at all. Luckily I was able to take it to my steel shop and rework the midpipe and silencer. Well, after a few more calls to FTZ to get the final kinks worked out, the pipe was installed and cylinder broke in. This bike is really running strong and makes incredible top end power. 1st through 4th gears gets the front end up no matter how easy you roll into the throttle. No clutching, no revving, just roll on the twist throttle nice and slow and wait for it. Check out the pictures below and let me know what you think. Now, I wonder what I can do to make it a little faster.




(Some pictures were taken before the CT jug and FTZ Pipe were installed.)


Videos of Scott and I at a local ATV Rodeo

My 16.3 Second Clover Leaf Run

Scott's 16.7 Second Clover Leaf Run


Not So Good Hillclimbs

I roll the Banshee at creek hill

Scott rolls the Banshee at powerline hill

I roll the Banshee uphill at the rail road tracks

Scott rolls his 250R at a strip mine hill




Scott jumping 2 Scott climbing 2 Brad climbing 2
Scott climbing 3 Scott climbing 3 Brad climbing 3







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