Road Trip 2010

Let's go on a trip.


What do you mean we didn't bring the wii?

Lake Norman, NC.

Camp Grounds in Columbia SC.

Detour to sister Jick's

Marietta, GA needs a Bypass more than Atlanta GA.

Catching up with Dad.

Bay Bayou RV park, Tampa, FL.


Look Mom.

I see him.

I-275 over the Gulf of Mexico, looking to the west.

And to the East.

Bradford's new friend.

Mom making our new portable front yard.

Dad coming home from work.

Here duckey duckey duckey.

Chattanooga TN, Here we come.

After a brief 12 hour stay and a few choice words with the camp ground owner, we loaded up and moved to..


The whole famn damily at Raccoon Mountain caverns.



Reflection Pool.

Listening to the tour guide.

More tour guiding.


and Boys

Roasting S'mores.

Ruby Falls...

Caverns in TN

Incline Railway...

the Steepest one mile of track.

Nickajack Cave...

Where Johny Cash found salvation.


Stopping along the Trail.

A huge turbine like this...

Generates electric to this station...

using water from this mountain top lake..

held back by this dam.

The lake is filled every morning from the Chattahoochi river and at night, the water flows back down through tunnels with turbines to generate electricity for Chattanooga TN. It generates more electric than is used to pump the water up.

The I-10 through the swamps in Louisiana (Approx. 10 miles long)

Huge bridges on the way to Texas. Dad loves them Mom hates them

Houston, TX

Bradford's homemade pigeon trap.

Mom and Dads pizza on the grill.

Nikki and Mom playing at the park in Plano, TX.

Photo op at the Park!

Anna's favorite pizza!

Mom can's stand it, she gets her garden!

The kids at Shallow Creek Rv Park in Kilgore, TX

Anna and Nikki's new friends Staley and Victoria.

Bradford and Maurice's new friend Garison

Picnic at the Park in Sugarland. Beware of the Alligators!

Maurice throwing one of his hissy fits! (not uncommon)

The first Hindu temple in America.

Marble from Italy and limestone from Turkey where shipped to India to be hand-carved. Then, approximately 33,000 pieces were shipped to Houston and assembled.


More to come.

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